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Introducing the PeaceFem App

PeaceFem is a mobile phone app that illustrates women’s inclusion in peace processes around the world. PeaceFem provides information about strategies women’s rights advocates have used to influence peace agreements; information about the enabling and constraining factors that shaped the … Continue reading

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Weaving institutional change: feminist networking to achieve gender equality in academia

Dr María López Belloso recently finished a nominated fellowship with IASH and genderED. This is a cross-post with the GEARING Roles blog. From its inception in the proposal-drafting phase, GEARING Roles partners bet on achieving institutional change through knowledge exchange and “learning … Continue reading

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genderED: The Year in Focus

Director Fiona Mackay reflects on the highlights of 2019-20 for genderED – the University of Edinburgh’s interdisciplinary hub for showcasing gender and sexualities studies. genderED is hosted by IASH (Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities) on behalf of the College … Continue reading

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The Scottish Feminist Judgements Podcast – tackling the myth of neutrality

This is a guest post from Gabrielle Blackburn of the Scottish Feminist Judgements Podcast. The first episode of the Scottish Feminist Judgments Podcast launched on Thursday 20th of August, and new episodes come out every other Thursday, available on all … Continue reading

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