Gender and Candidate Selection 2016

Genderpol is keeping a watching brief on the numbers of women selected for the Holyrood elections in 2016 by party and type of seat. You can contact us through either Meryl Kenny or Cera Murtagh.

Our preliminary analysis of these figures can be found on Democratic Audit Scotland.


Of the constituency selections for which we have data, in each party female candidates make up:

SNP: 30 out of 73 candidates (41%)

Labour: 39 out of 73 candidates (53%)

Conservatives: 14 out of 73 candidates (19%)

Lib Dems: 28 out of 73 candidates (38%)

Greens: 1 out of 3 candidates (33%)


Of the list selections for which we have data, in each party female candidates make up:

SNP: 42 out of 93 candidates (45%)

Labour: 43 out of 86 candidates (50%)

Conservatives: 13 out of 71 candidates (18%)

Lib Dems: 27 out of 63 candidates (43%)

Greens: 33 out of 66 candidates (50%)

Turning to list placement, for each party a female candidate occupies the top position on:

SNP: 4 out of 8 lists (50%)

Labour: 4 out of 8 lists (50%)

Conservatives: 2 out of 8 lists (25%) 

Lib Dems: 1 out of 8 lists (12.5%)

Greens: 4 out of 8 lists (50%)

Details of list selections for other parties (RISE, Solidarity, UKIP and Women’s Equality Party) can be found in the spreadsheet below.


‘Has the tide turned for women’s representation in Scotland’, Democratic Audit Scotland (Meryl Kenny, Fiona Mackay and Cera Murtagh)

SP2016 Constituency Selections – data gathered by Cera Murtagh, Meryl Kenny and Fiona Mackay.

SP 2016 List Selections – data gathered by Cera Murtagh, Meryl Kenny and Fiona Mackay, including data for other parties.

Thanks to News Direct for their contribution. Lists of selected candidates for SP2016 have also been compiled by News Direct @newsdirect